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Hidden power of Paris

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Talisman of Paris

Historical Axis of Paris: Champs Elysees – Arc de Triumph

The city of Paris was designed as a powerful “City of the Sun” modeled after Luxor in Egypt, and the obelisks brought from Luxor are positioned in the same arrangement.

The historical axis extending from the obelisk at Place de la Concorde to the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triumph Etoile is off to the south by 26 degrees (inclination of the earth’s axis) from true east, and from Paris’ latitude, one can see the star Sirius (star of Isis) rising from almost the same spot at sunset on the winter solstice.

Champs Elysées: = The Garden of Elysium (Ancient Greek Afterlife)

In the Greek sects and schools of philosophy, Elysium was considered separate from the kingdom of Hades.

Arc de Triumph & Place des Etoiles (Charles de Gaulle)

The Arc de Triomphe Etoile (=Star) stands on a star, the symbol of Isis. 

Seen from the sky, the 12 main streets radiate out and look like stars.

Although it was renamed Charles de Gaulle Square after the hero of the liberation of Paris, it is still called the “Place des Princes de l’Estailles” (Place of the Stars).

Louvre Pyramid

In 1981, then French President Mitterrand launched a major project to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution (1789), the Grand Louvre project, which included the construction of a glass pyramid.

President Mitterrand, who was also called an oculist, a Freemason, and the Sphinx, built the new Arc de Triomphe at Defence. He also undertook a major remodeling of Paris, including the renovation of the Louvre and the repurposing of the Orsay train station. Other projects include the New Opera House and the New National Library.

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