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Name of Paris

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The Hidden Names of Paris

Paris takes its name from the Egyptian goddess Isis. 

It is said that the temple of Isis was located where the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church stands today. 

“Parisis,” meaning the neighborhood of Isis.

An old document kept in the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris shows a picture of the goddess Isis arriving in Paris by boat and being received by French nobles and priests, with the description “a very old goddess Isis, queen of Egypt.

The association between Paris and Isis is implied.

In Paris in the 15th century, the belief in Isis was accepted by the citizens, and Egyptian rituals were popular. Many aristocrats believed in the “prophecy of Isis,” which related earthly events to the celestial navigation of the heavenly bodies.

Paris coat of arms

The coat of arms of Paris, established by Napoleon in 1811, features the “Ship of Isis,” also known as the Ship of Galleon, a bee, and a star.

At the top is the crown with the imperial eagle and the staff of Caduceus piercing it. The goddess Isis sits on the ship, which is guided by her star Sirius. It is thought that the sailors’ guilds who helped create Paris (the Parishies) chose the design of the Galleon ship for their coat of arms.

Three is a sacred number, and the three bees of Charlemagne are symbols of the Sun King lineage.

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