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“The Da Vinci Code”    Locales in Paris

  • 2024年3月8日
  • 2024年3月14日
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Bestseller “The Da Vinci Code”

In recent years, the number of tourists following the plot of the bestseller “The Da Vinci Code” has increased dramatically. Various guided tours are available. So, let’s set off on a tour of the “Da Vinci Code” locations!

1. Musee du Louvre 

The Grand Galleries are home to some of the finest paintings of the Italian Renaissance.

The tour begins with a puzzle of the paintings in the gallery where Louvre director Jacques Sonnier was murdered in the first scene of “The Da Vinci Code.

The inverted pyramid hanging from a skylight in the basement lobby is also worth a visit.

A Da Vinci Code expert will be your guide to take you through the Stories in detail.

2.Eglise Saint Sulpice


Seeking a keystone based on information gained from the death of the curator, Jacques Sonnier, the monk Silas breaks into the church of Saint-Sulpice and commits a second murder. This mysterious church has a gnomon (finger clock), an obelisk, and references to a rose line associated with pagan beliefs.

The Church of Saint-Sulpice, for its part, is baffled by Dan Brown’s fiction, which is misleading, and has posted notes and explained that it is not true.

>Leave it to us about Europe!

Leave it to us about Europe!

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