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Grotte de Lascaux

Cro-Magnon Art and Shamanism

The Caves of Lascaux in the Montignac-Montignac region were discovered by local boys in 1940. In search of a dog that had fallen down a hole, they entered the cave and found this wonderful mural painting.

It is highly regarded as the prehistoric Cro-Magnon mural art of Europe.

The side walls and even the ceiling are covered with dynamic animals (bulls, mares, horses, deer, and wildebeests) in a magnificent composition that Father Breuil described as the Sistine Chapel of the prehistoric age.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the interior of the cave today, but the wall paintings have been reproduced in Lascaux 2 (Reproduction Cave), which is as good as the real thing. I described it as the Chapel of Tina.

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Leave it to us about Europe!

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