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Church of the Miraculous Medallion

  • 2024年3月8日
  • 2024年3月14日
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Church of the Miraculous Medallion – Rue du Bac 140

Catherine Labouré

In 1830, a pre-vow apprentice nun, Catherine Laboure, received a message at an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

According to her testimony, “Mary was not an apparition, but the Virgin in the flesh.

The Church of the Medallion of Miracles is so hidden and inconspicuous that some people pass by it because it is called “a grotto in the heart of Paris.

The dedication of the Latin chant (Maris Stera = Star of the Sea) in honor of the Virgin above the entrance and the statue of the Virgin and Child welcome you.

Our Lady’s words to Catherine Labré, as she instructed in detail, were to make medallions and spread them throughout the world In February 1832, as cholera began to spread in Paris, killing more than 20,000 people, the nuns began making and distributing the first medallions. Many converts reported that the medallions were effective in preventing the disease, and these reports spread like wildfire, leading the Parisians to call them “miracle medallions.

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Leave it to us about Europe!

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