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Paris Olympic

  • 2024年3月15日
  • 2024年3月17日
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2024 Paris Olympic 


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Paris Olympic : 26th July – 11th August

Paralympic : 23rd August – 8th September

Over 1 million international visitors, 10,500 athletes and 4,400 para-athletes, 206 delegations, 39 competition venues …… In the summer of 2024, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Paris and in cities throughout France, including Marseille, Lille, and Tahiti! Open-air museum-like opening ceremonies, stunning landscapes, and locally produced eco-friendly cuisine will set the stage for cheering on the future medalists. With just one year to go until the opening ceremony, France.fr takes you behind the scenes of this world-class event.

July 26, 2024, 8:24 PM.
This is the time when the Greek delegation will leave the Austerlitz Bridge for the Jena Bridge and the unprecedented opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will begin.

The 10,500 Olympic athletes from around the world march in turn in more than 100 boats of various sizes.
The 6km-long parade is also projected on 80 giant screens on the shore and on bridges!

>Leave it to us about Europe!

Leave it to us about Europe!

Paris Olympics will be held this summer! Specifically customizing your demand in meticulous care.