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Chartres Cathedral has long been considered a sacred, spiritual spot with powerful earth energy flowing through it. It is said that before Christianity, the Celtic Druids performed their rituals on this hill as a sacred place.

To keep this sacred place clean, it is the only place in France where no one is buried, not even the king or other high-ranking people.

The Labyrinth

One of the greatest esoteric symbols of Chartres Cathedral is the labyrinth.

The maze is said to be an arduous journey, a pilgrimage of sorts, to be followed barefoot or on one’s knees.

It was believed that if one reached the center while praying, it would bring the same merit as reaching the Holy City of Israel.

Ascension Effect

In Chartres Cathedral, chairs are usually placed to keep the labyrinth out of sight.

Many people find it uplifting to follow the maze in the traditional way, especially on the spring and fall equinoxes.

Spiritual journeys are said to be inspired by pilgrimages on long journeys to sacred places and arduous traverses through the maze.

The Sufi dance, famous for its dizzying spinning dance, may have the same ascension effect.

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Leave it to us about Europe!

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